SHCC Boater Information

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Boaters Guidelines in downloadable format available here .

SHCC Boater Guidelines

Do not fill boats at docks with gasoline. If you spill gas you could shut the swim area down for everyone and you run the risk of being fined for polluting the lake. We suggest pulling away from the dock before you pour whenever possible.
All boaters are required to have valid boater insurance.
Parking your boat at Shore Hills is at your own risk. Do not leave valuables on your boat.
If your boat is leaking fluids such as oil, gasoline, etc. you must remove it from the slip until the problem is fixed. Again, you could shut the swim area down for everyone and you run the risk of being fined for polluting the lake.
Do not use someone else's slip without permission, ever. If you have permission to use someone else's slip and will do so for more than 24 hours, please notify the boat manager.
Do not let non-member's use your slip, ever. This is extremely important as you are jeopardizing the club's insurance in addition to violating membership rules.
Boat slips may not be sub-let if you cannot put your boat in for any reason. You should notify the club and if possible we will try to rent it for you for a year from our list of waiting boaters. After that we will consider someone you may have found. In all cases the person sub-letting must also be a member or join the club. You cannot pass on to another person at the end of the season the rights to your slip if you are not coming back as a boater. Again, we have a waiting list of people that have been waiting for a long time and it would not be fair to by-pass them.
Trailers are not to be left inside the fence. One, you will most likely be taking up additional parking spaces and we have limited parking. Second, if someone backs into your trailer you will be responsible for damages to that vehicle. Parking for trailers is along the fence in front of the beach area and along the fence near the gate guardhouse. Do not park in the larger lot outside the main gate. Additional parking is available at the clubhouse across the street. This includes rampers and Jet Ski users.
Make sure your boat is properly secured so that it is not damaged and does not damage your neighbor's boat.
If you bring it in... then you bring it out. That means trash and bottles etc. should either be put in the proper trash containers or taken home. Do not leave trash on the docks, at the gate guardhouse or anywhere else.
Do not leave boat equipment like seats, Biminis's, tubes, lifejackets etc. on the docks, beach, or parking area.
For the safety of our members and yourself unruly or drunken behavior will not be tolerated.
Our entire dock area in the lake and surrounding waters are no wake zones. From the left to the southern tip and extending out to the right towards the state park to the last barrel is a no wake zone. Please be a courteous boater and obey the rules of the lake.
Directly across from the docks is an area full of rocks. Steer clear of this area to avoid prop damage. There is a channel that should be followed to get safely in and out of our end of the lake.
Boater guests do not need to pay guest fees if they are only going on your boat. If you plan to use the beach area you must pay the nominal fee for your guests at the gate guard house.
If you come in before the beach opens or after it closes you must close and lock the gate behind you. Do not let non-members in unless accompanied by a member.
There is no fishing at all in the swim area (the entire area inside the horseshoe dock) while the beach is open. Always be careful with your hooks, etc. and do not leave them lying around.
Do not borrow anything from anyone's boat without permission.
If you see another members boat in distress, unauthorized people or anything that seems amiss contact the boat manager or a board member immediately. As boaters, we need to look out for one another and our club.
Keep the bathrooms clean. If before or after hours be sure lights are off and doors locked.
Do not harass the gate guards if they ask for passes, etc. They are doing their job.
Shore Hills reserves the right to move board or take any action needed to ensure safety of members and protection of property. Affected boaters will be notified as early as possible.
Thank You in Advance for your Cooperation.
Bo Smith